Professional Repair & Service

Our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, and professional service of the highest caliber. We offer lab certification on DC fastening repairs and free pick up in our regional area for industrial tools and hoists. We also offer a free repair estimate on many products. 

Hoist and Winch

We repair, test, and certify manual chain hoists, pullers, air, electric and wire rope hoists, to 20 ton capacity. We also repair, test, and certify air winches. We live load test up to three tons. We offer on site inspection and certification of hoists, lifting slings, hooks, and magneflux services.

Air Tools and Air Motors

We repair and test all types and styles of air tools and air motors, including impact wrenches, percussion tools, chippers, grinders, drills, and air motors.

DC Assembly Tools

We are accredited under ISO 17025 for Laboratory and Field Calibration of Torque measuring and Control Equipment. We repair test and certify DC electric transducerized assembly tools within our accredited lab. Also, we repair test and verify DC electric non-transducerized assembly tools.

Assembly Tool

We repair and test all types and styles of assembly tools, including screwdrivers, nut runners, pulse tools, inline tools, battery and impact tools.

Air Pumps

We repair all types of diaphragm air pumps and air driven positive displacement pumps.


We repair and test 10,000 PSI hydraulic, air, electric pumps, cylinders, and hydraulic fastening tools.

Ergonomic Lifting Devices

We offer repair and modification, or redesign of ergonomic lifting devices.